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Just One More Cup
Fuckin’ Allison, love that girl.

heehee just finished bridal plasty, the most horrible show ever.



I do not know what to tell you,
Except that dolphins sleep
With one eye open
To keep from drowning
And that a whale’s heart only beats
Nine times a minute
But when it’s five in the morning
And the sun has woken up
And the light hits
All my favorite parts of your body
And while my heart beats,
At an innumerable rate
I roll over and lay
In the warm spots
That you leave behind
And whisper to myself,
I sure wouldn’t mind drowning in you.

mm damn right

or eating food.



My friend composed his first symphony...

So proud!


One of the best ways to figure out how parts of the brain work is to study people who have damage in those specific areas. Take a patient known as SM, a middle-aged woman with a rare condition called Urbach-Wiethe disease that has damaged the amygdala on both sides of her brain.
A few years ago, SM told Justin Feinstein, then a graduate student at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, that she’d never felt fear, even when she’d been confronted by a knife-wielding assailant.
Feinstein put her claim to the test. His group had SM handle a snake, took her on a tour of a haunted house and showed her scenes from scary movies like The Shining. SM was unfazed.
But another University of Iowa researcher, neuroscientist John Wemmie, had a different test for SM: breathing carbon dioxide. In people without brain damage, exposure to high levels of carbon dioxide evokes fear and a hunger for air. In some, it can even set off a panic attack.

From: What Makes You Feel Fear?
Credit: Warner Bros./Photofest




Break a prop? Just put it back and walk away… ha ha!!

Emma’s reaction though 

Sometimes it freaks me out how much like their characters they are. Emma’s very concerned, Dan saves the day, Rupert laughs.

I’m never not reblogging this. They’re just so damn cute…
Doctor Who Spoilers

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You want to arm me? Good. Then arm me with a school psychologist at my school who has time to do more than test and sit in meetings about testing.

Arm me with enough counselors so we can build skills to prevent violence, have meaningful discussions with students about their future and not merely frantically adjust student schedules like a Jenga game.

Arm me with social workers who can thoughtfully attend to a student’s and her family’s needs so I. Can. Teach.

Arm me with enough school nurses so that they are accessible to every child and can work as a team with me rather than operate their offices as de facto urgent care centers.

Arm me with more days on the calendar for teaching and learning and fewer days for standardized testing.

Arm me with class sizes that allow my colleagues and I to know both our students and their families well.

Arm my colleagues and I with the time it takes to improve together and the time it takes to give great feedback to students about their work and progress.

Until you arm me to the hilt with what it will take to meet the needs of an increasingly vulnerable student population, I respectfully request you keep your opinions on schools and our safety to yourself, NRA. Knock it off.


-Mary Cathryn Ricker, President of the St. Paul Federation of Teachers.  (via singingkanaya)


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